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In the realm of home enhancements in Bicton Heath, double glazing stands out for its numerous benefits. This advanced technology boosts the comfort, energy efficiency, and security of your home, making it an essential feature for homeowners looking to upgrade their living space and decrease their energy expenditure. Situated in the heart of Shropshire, Bicton Heath is a locale that appreciates quality and sustainability. Get in touch today to improve your home!
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Thermal Insulation

Double glazing incorporates two panes of glass in a window, with an insulating gas such as argon, krypton, or xenon filling the gap in between. This structure significantly enhances the window's capacity to resist energy transfer, making it a superb insulator.

Exceptional Materials

The efficacy of our double glazing is rooted in the quality of the materials used, and the techniques we employ in installation. The gas-filled gap between the two glass panes serves as a barrier, minimising the amount of heat that can traverse the window. In addition, the strength of the double glazing is improved.

Secured By Design

Double glazing provides numerous advantages, including enhanced energy efficiency, noise reduction, and heightened security. The additional glass pane also significantly decreases noise pollution from the outside, making your home a more tranquil place to live. Furthermore, double-glazed windows are tougher to break than single-glazed ones, boosting your home's security.

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Double Glazing In Bicton Heath

Double glazing has seen a surge in popularity in Bicton Heath, with numerous homeowners recognising its benefits and opting to invest in it. This trend is expected to persist as more individuals become aware of the benefits of double glazing. When opting for double glazing, we consider all aspects such as the material of the frames, the cost and the style of the Bicton Heath property. We’ll also ensure that the windows are installed to the highest of standards to optimise their effectiveness and durability. Start your enquiry today and we’ll take your home to the next level!

Tailored Design

Bespoke & Professional

Professional installation is paramount to the performance of double-glazed windows. An improperly installed window can undermine the benefits of double glazing, leading to problems such as draughts and condensation. Hence, it’s crucial to opt for Matthews & Peart, who can assure a top-quality installation.

We, at Matthews & Peart, are a leading provider of double glazing in Bicton Heath. Renowned for our quality and customer satisfaction, we offer a variety of double-glazed windows to accommodate all types of homes. As a trustworthy provider, we will deliver high-quality products, professional installation, and outstanding customer service!

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Double Glazing Benefits

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Low Maintenance

You won't have to worry about constant work to keep your windows and doors looking good - they all require minimal aftercare.

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High Energy Rating

High energy ratings mean lower bills, and also fewer carbon emissions. Invest in your home and in the environment with us!

Casement Windows


Keep the noise and bustle of the outside world from interrupting your peace and quiet! All of our double glazing is soundproofed.


Standard Colour Range

Agate Grey
Anthracite Grey Smooth
Anthracite Grey
Basalt Grey Smooth
Black Brown
Mlack Ulti Matt
Buckingham Grey
Chartwell Green
Cream White
Dark Green
Dark Red
Flemish Gold Smooth
Golden Oak
Hazy Grey Finesse
Honey Oak Super Matt
Irish Oak
Kensington Grey
Pebble Grey
Silver D Smooth
Slate Grey Finesse
Slate Grey
Steel Blue
Swamp Oak

Pilkington Obscured Glass Range

Charcoal Sticks

Fast Installation

Once we’re all booked in, our installation team will arrive at a pre-agreed time to get started installing your double glazing. We’ll work quickly and efficiently, making sure to respect your space throughout and doing our best to keep any noise or disruptions to a minimum. Once the project is completed and you’re completely satisfied with your new double glazing, we’ll make sure to clean up after ourselves.

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